Social Program

Join us for an extraordinary adventure in the enchanting city of Krakow! Our conference for international participants offers more than just valuable knowledge and networking opportunities – it also includes unique social events that will make your stay truly unforgettable.

Let's start with the Welcome Cocktail - about it, we will update you soon.

Next, choose from a selection of incredible guided tours in Krakow. Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque Old Town, explore the secrets of the underground in the Main Square, walk the famous Royal Route, visit the Wawel Cathedral and its courtyard, or immerse yourself in the history and charm of the Podgórze District. Then continue with our Social Event, taking place in the charming Manggha Museum of Japanese Art. This venue, brimming with inspiration and beauty, will open the doors to the captivating world of Japanese art and culture.

To wrap up the conference, an extraordinary Conference Dinner awaits you in one of the world's most unique locations – the Wieliczka Salt Mine. This is a rare opportunity to delve into an underground world that will not only captivate you with its history but also its magical, salt-carved beauty.

Join us and discover Krakow in a way that is truly one-of-a-kind. We look forward to welcoming you, so you can experience exceptional moments during the ICNCT conference!


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  • More information soon ...

  • WHEN? 25.06.2024 - 17:30-21:00

    WHERE? Meeting place: Conference Venue

    Tour 1 – Krakow - Old Town

    The tour takes place on 25.06.2024 (Wednesday) - 17:30-21:00

    Tour 2 – Walk through Krakow - Underground Main Square

    The tour takes place on 25.06.2024 (Wednesday) - 17:30-21:00

    Tour 3 - Walk through Krakow - Main Square, Royal Route and a visit to Wawel Cathedral and the courtyard

    The tour takes place on 25.06.2024 (Wednesday) - 17:30-21:00

    Tour 4 - Walk through Krakow - Podgórze District 

    The tour takes place on 25.06.2024 (Wednesday) - 17:30-21:00

  • WHEN? 25.06.2024

    WHERE? Manggha Museum - ul. M. Konopnickiej 26, 30-302 Kraków

    Let us all meet at the Manggha Museum at the ICNCT20 conference! 

    The Manggha Museum is the only state institution popularizing Japanese culture in Poland, combining museum work with projects characteristic of a modern cultural institution. In addition to high artistic rank, attractive forms of public display are the primary criteria in our programming. Due to evident cultural differences, the manner of communicating specialized knowledge becomes an issue of key importance. The methods developed over the years at the Manggha Museum enable us to devise insightful and attractive presentations of phenomena relating to historical and modern-day Japan alike.

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  • WHEN? 27.06.2024


    The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the oldest enterprises in Europe. It has supplied salt to the tables of almost the whole Europe.

    Nowadays, it is one of the most frequently visited places in Poland, where intensive conservation works are carried out in order to protect historical sites. With its vast material culture heritage and wealth of inanimate nature, the Wieliczka underground mine is a unique monument on a global scale.

    Today, the mine is still an active mining facility, with unique culture, art and traditions dating back many centuries.

    The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a monument with centuries of history and cultural heritage, whose rank is emphasised by its presence on the First UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. The unique work of nature touched by the hand of man creates a harmonious whole and attracts like a magnet for tourists wishing to discover the mysteries hidden underground. The mine is also an original venue for banquets and concerts.

    The underground banquet halls amaze with natural scenery not seen anywhere else. The salt walls shining in shades of grey and silver in the light of crystal chandeliers are very impressive. The conference dinner will take place more than 100 metres below ground. We assure you that you will be enchanted by this venue.

    The conference dinner will be preceded by a tour of the mine so we advise that you wear comfortable shoes. It is also worth noting that underground the air temperature is lower than on the surface.

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