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20th International Congress on Neutron Capture Therapy

June 24, 2024 - June 28, 2024

Kraków, Poland

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Program of ICNCT20

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Register for the ICNCT Congress

Dear All, 

We encourage you to register for the ICNCT20 Congress.

All needed information you may find here:


To Plan your visit in Kraków, Poland, feel free to check "Practical Information" tab.





Welcome to ICNCT 2024!

Dear Colleagues,

The biennial International Congress on Neutron Capture Therapy (ICNCT) is the most important event in BNCT and this jubilee 20th edition will take place for the first time in Kraków, Poland, from Monday, June 24 through Friday, June 28, 2024.

The congress offers a great opportunity to share and increase knowledge, exchange experience, and promote new ideas among scientists from research institutions, hospitals, and industries worldwide.

The strength of the BNCT depends on common actions and interdisciplinary, international collaborations thus the congress is a unique opportunity to meet and interact with each other.

Finally, a social program targeting Kraków city specialties and Lesser Poland design, and culture will make this meeting special.

Thus it is our great pleasure to invite colleagues in all professions related to BNCT to the 20th ICNCT International Congress. The meeting will be a key milestone in the further development of BNCT as another therapy modality in radiation oncology.

  • Michał A. Gryziński.jpg
    Dr Michał A. Gryziński
    President of the 20th ICNCT meeting
  • Edyta Michaś-Majewska.png
    Edyta Michaś-Majewska
    General Secretary of the 20th ICNCT meeting
  • Janusz Kocik.png
    Prof. Janusz Kocik
    Chairman of the scientific committee

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